Friday, October 19, 2012

Wear Blue on Monday!

"Everyone is encouraged to wear blue on Monday in solidarity to demonstrate that this community is stronger than the vile acts that have been committed against us." 

After the recent bias incident, and bias incidents that continue to happen on college campuses, it's important to work to improve our campus and to remind the Colgate community of how many allies it has. That being said, I encourage everyone to wear blue on Monday in support of the COVE, Center for Women's Studies, Advocates, Lamba, and concerned members of our community. This month is National Coming Out Month, which serves as a reminder to us that we should always be working to by allies to one another on our campus.

Recently the ALANA Ambassadors attended a SafeZone training with some of the members of the LGBTQ Office to learn about making our community better for everyone. One thing I took away from the experience was how much more discussion there needs to be both in our classrooms and around campus. If we all take some time once in a while to consider together how to make our community more comfortable for people of all backgrounds, the campus will feel better overall. 

I recommend going to the LGBTQ Life page on Colgate's website for some great contacts and resources you can use either to feel support or just to learn more about what the University is doing to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally students! See you sporting blue! 

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