Wednesday, October 10, 2012


         This Friday, we here at ALANA, are hoping to kick off the homecoming weekend with our classic Fresh Friday featuring some soul, r&b and 90's music courtesy Affinity, the cover band from NY. The event is to be held at Donovan's Pub between the hours of 6 and 8 and will have free food, singing, dancing and KARAOKE!! The Fresh Friday has always been one of ALANA's flagship events and we feel pretty confident that the AWESOME populace at 'Gate will pounce on this opportunity to kick back and enjoy the cozy setting of the Pub.
         Aside from the obvious attractions of good food and great music we wanted to spice things up a bit this year and so are also giving away a hundred dollars to the student/cultural group that brings the largest number students to the event. We are hoping that this will bring in students from all corners of campus and give them an opportunity to meet and hang out with new people and all in all enjoy a great evening.

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