Monday, October 15, 2012

Tomorrow: Kevin Morrison '92

Kevin Morrison is a Managing Partner of Next Gen LLC, where he manages new international operations, strategic planning, and business development. Furthermore he advises businesses on the benefits of aquaponics and he works to create food security for clients by creating sustainable aquaculture and aquaponic farms. Tomorrow, Mr. Morrison will be part of the Doing Well By Doing Good series, in which he'll explain why entrepreneurs should look to Africa to help save the global economy.

Not sure what the deal is with hydroponics? Neither was I. But after some quick research I found that hydroponics is an agricultural process that uses minerals and water, but no soil. Many experts promote the idea of hydroponics as a cheap solution to farming in areas with poor soil quality.

Check out Next Gen LLC's site. But, more importantly, go to Mr. Morrison's talk at 12:15 in the COVE!

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