Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints' and All Souls'!

Today is All Saints' Day! All Saints' Day is a Christian holiday commemorating the departed faithful. While All Saints' Day is religious, its also cultural, and worldwide there are many different ways in which people celebrate the festival!

One tradition, which ALANA will be hosting tomorrow, is Dia De Los Muertos. Day of the Dead, originally a two-day tradition, honors friends and family members who have died. The Day of the Dead event will be tomorrow in La Casa hosted by our own ALANA Ambassador, Kat Kollitides!

Tonight, you can also attend Burritos con los Santitos, hosted by the Newman Community at 6:30pm in the COOP TV Room. It's a cool way to learn more about the Saints, but also about the traditions surrounding All Saints' days across cultures.

To learn more about the stories behind these holidays, click here!

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